Excuses to leave a situation.

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It’s time for hookers on a boat! In the episode you’ve all been waiting for we discuss the modern masterpiece that was Melrose Place 2.0's Shoreline. Your hosts @maurae, @lafergs, and @kaceybange are joined by special guest @levyontv to discuss it all.


Brief and minor Orange is the New Black spoiler from 1:48:20-1:48:40.

Hi I talk occasionally on this so if you enjoy the dulcet tones of my voice, and/or discussion of nautical hookers, Ashlee’s Simpsons crazy eyes, basic bitches of the Michael Rady and Jessica Lucas variety, and why we all deserve this sort of Katie Cassidy, and not whatever has been going on with Laurel Lance.

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So, I watched Pushing Daisies

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Ok, show, you’ve actually pushed my suspension of disbelief too far this time. I can accept time-travelling cyber ghost ninjas, I can accept no one really having a problem with a teacher statutorying his student, I can accept Tippi The Clue Parrot, I can even accept Ravenswood’s supernatural death curse in an otherwise realistic world. But this shit pushes me too far. You’re telling me that a pretty, upper middle class white girl returns after two years of being missing/presumed dead claiming she has been kidnapped, and her mother turns up dead days later, and that the entire town is not CRAWLING with every press outlet on the face of the planet? Nancy Grace could fill a swimming pool with how much she’d salivate over this case. So bullshit show, you can’t just claim that people have made sure the press would stay away. That’s not how the world works. 

This is still very frustrating to me and also like honestly one of my biggest TV Pet Peeves generally. So many popular shows would be the center of a media firestorm. PLL, Revenge, Devious Maids, honestly, pretty much any soap. Like, look shows, if you want to pretend to exist in the real world, acknowledge the real world media climate. Shit like this is SENSATIONAL news. You can’t just skirt around that fact. 


when i die i want teen wolf executive producer jeff davis to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time

I don’t care this much about Teen Wolf (it’s entertaining but I’m finding myself increasingly meh about it), but so much respect to the wordplay of this. I’m upset I didn’t come up with this myself.

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My favorite PLL trope is bizarrely placed geographical features for the sake of plot convenience.

There are children in New York. They go to parks. It’s not random and shouldn’t perplex you.

… except New York, especially where they were supposedly in NYC, is an urban sprawl and barely has enough room for all the buildings there, let alone a random grassy playground. Even if there was somehow a playground in the middle of this urban sprawl, it would be on asphalt, not grass. So, not so much perplexing, as completely out of the realm of reality.

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Anonymous said: While she was answering questions on Reddit one fan asked Marlene if she saw your blog and she thinks it's very clever omg that is so awesome



I think our work here is done. Time to close up shop.

(Just kidding, we’ll definitely be back for the new seAson. Hi, Marlene!)




John Oliver on Net Neutrality, aka “Preventing Cable Company Fuckery”.


This is so good and I know, I know, it’s so long. It’s so long. It’s 13 minutes long! But it’s so good and somewhere around 11 minutes in a literally laughed out loud at an internet video.

That hasn’t happened since like 2009!

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